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Make possible the impossible

We are aware that it is people who make the company and that only a truly experienced and motivated team can produce real added value in the provision of services. People are the source of our technological expertise. We believe in the values ​​of professionalism and fairness and encourage communication in the company. We also adopt a model oriented towards the development of an inclusive reality. We are far from any kind of prejudice, be it of race, religion or color.

We firmly believe that diversity favors the development of new ideas, the proposition of new points of view and positively stimulates comparison, which has always been the engine of change.

Not just "simple" consultants

Certified quality

The company policy is oriented towards the constant and continuous verification of the internal and external processes of the company. Like our services, all our processes are ISO 9001: 2015 certified and this further enhances our human resources, which are routed to work by scrupulously observing company quality standards.

Continuous training

We are very attentive to the training of our collaborators. Together with them we develop long-term plans in order to trace the training, technical and professional path for each person. This is a real added value also for the customer who can benefit from highly competent and certified personnel.

Effective communication

We stimulate our people to communicate with the company in order to share know-how during the delivery phase and to have continuous support from the company itself. In this way we help our people by providing them with the necessary support and the customer with the certainty of having an entire company available and not the single resource.

What our consultants are specialized in

System Administration
Networking & Security
Backup &
Disaster Recovery
Development & System Integration
Cloud & Data Base Management
Project & Services Management
It seems impossible until it's done
Simone Zoroddu
Founder & CTO
Excellence is an ongoing process, not an incidental one
Michela Di Marco
Founder & CSO


RE-EDIT offers its customers ISO9001: 2015 certified services
This allows RE-EDIT to provide “best in class” services and qualifies on the market as one of the few companies that certifies its services and provides, in addition to the usual professionalism, also services that meet the most serious quality standards.

How we work

Time & Material

Our consultants work alongside the customer and intervene to replace, assist, support or simply integrate the effort needed to complete a team.

The main advantages of choosing the Time & Material mode are:

  • Choice of resources and greater flexibility;
  • Containment / reduction of personnel costs;
  • Possibility to use specialized resources even for short periods.
The staff is administered directly by the customer and reports only to the designated resource or team, in addition it is checked on the basis of the performance and the set objectives.


The project mode only concerns activities ordered by "Task" or requests to carry out individual activities in order to achieve the result in a specific time.

The main advantages of choosing the Project mode are:

  • Control of project costs and completion times
  • Simplification of personnel management
  • Significant reduction of responsibility on the project (compliance with SLAs etc ..)
The staff is not managed by the customer, the latter only checks their performance on the basis of the expected indicators, the designated SLAs and the milestones provided for in the contract.

Skill Matrix Experience of RE-EDIT staff

A new service offered by RE-EDIT for customers who have serious operating difficulties with problems that impact on the project or service and need immediate and decisive support. Professionals with twenty years of experience, are used as problem solvers only for the period necessary to restore the customer’s fault. The DEM Consultant relates directly to the customer, analyzes and solves the problem encountered. DEM resources are also used for technical presale and / or design of complex architectures.

The master consultant is the evolution of the product and sector specialist. In addition to being a multi-certified consultant, the Master consultant has over 10 years of experience in technology. He is ungrateful to intervene where the Senior Systems Engineer is unable to solve for the management of any problem on technology, the design / Re-design of even complex environments and architectures and can intervene for the management or training of even large groups of work. Often the Master consultant is also a Project Manager / Leader.

Industry specialists certified on the technologies for which they operate, have a solid experience in configuring and managing infrastructures for over 6 years. The Senior Consultant has a strong orientation to problem solving and is often engaged in complex environments where continuity of service and respect for demanding SLAs are required.

The Senior Consultant can independently manage his work and support the Junior and Middle resource team, supporting them and filling any technical gaps.

With over 3 years of experience, Middle Consultants are employed on projects and services where dynamism, horizontal skills and a strong orientation towards growth are required.

The Middle consultant specializes in a technology and follows the certification paths established with the company while working on the technologies being studied in depth. They are followed by the company and by the Senior colleges and are periodically evaluated for the results obtained on-the-job.

The Juniors are dynamic and motivated young people, able to carry out help desk, service Operations, maintenance and / or to write simple software. Coordinated by the technical direction, the junior consultants follow a constant training path, specifically designed for the type of technical path chosen. Junior Consultants are continuously monitored both during all delivery phases and by the resources supported by them.Young people are our most difficult challenge, we believe in them and we always stimulate their creativity.

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