Evolution of the Data Center in the next years

The Internet of Things is constantly evolving. An ever-increasing number of devices (over 50 billion of them are expected within 5 years) and of all kinds connect to the network to exchange information. Not only PCs and smartphones, but also alarm clocks, refrigerators, watches, shoes, scarves and many other objects, have now acquired a higher degree of intelligence, thanks to their ability to connect to the Internet and communicate with other devices.
This continuous growth of the Internet of Things has repercussions on the evolution and expansion of data centers, places where all types of information circulating on the net are recorded and maintained. According to a recent report by market research firm IDC, the world of the Internet of Things will need more than 750 percent more storage and computing capacity over the next five years.
A considerable increase that will have implications not only for data centers, but also for all collateral activities, such as server, rack, management software and still infrastructure suppliers of all kinds.

Re-Edit boasts an important experience gained over the years by its staff in various areas: from maintenance to operation support in large data centers and for customers of primary importance.
From the physical to the application level, the strong expertise in infrastructure and operational management makes us able to provide different types of services and solutions.

Operation Center

Operation services aimed at data center management, in particular for first and second level H24, NOC and SOC. Structured services for infrastructure monitoring and management. Advanced second and third level systems management with product specialists. Outsourcing aimed at maintenance of platforms and systems. 24/7 availability services.

Design & Transformation

Design of data centers of any type and size and implementation of transformation solutions. Assessment services and evaluation of data center infrastructures, development of migration plans and return on investment (ROI). Implementation of new generation data centers (NGDC) and study of solutions aimed at the Green data center.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Analysis, design and support services for Storage. Design, implementation, control and maintenance of backup and disaster recovery structures.  Installation and replacement services of Storage and backup equipment. Management of H24 monitoring on sHW and SW.   Supply of products for the business continuity.


Auditing the security of systems and data center infrastructure. Hardening of HW and SW systems. Verification and implementation of ISO 27001 regulations. Implementation and management of logical and perimeter security systems. Structured Vulnerability assessment and penetration test services.

Next Generation

Create a new data environment that can support your business, scalable according to your business needs. Deploy an infrastructure that is always available and ready to manage your data-driven organization. Model the data center based on your expectations. Nothing is impossible.


RE-EDIT offers teams of qualified people with experience in managing complex information systems. Remotely or on-site, the staff employed is responsible for reporting failures, performing backup operations and carrying out checks through monitoring systems or directly on the platforms, both test and operating and of any type and architecture covering every time slot.