Design, implementation, development and maintenance of network infrastructures

Today’s world, driven by the exponential growth of technological performance, has become increasingly connected, digitized, distributed and diversified. Every “thing” today is able to process data, the calculation models are ready to become considerably more distributed and networked.And as devices and users are added, the value and importance of the network continues to grow exponentially.

The digital business continues to fuel innovations on the net. It is estimated that by 2023, 48.9 billion connected devices worldwide will be in use and full predictions predict that the average amount of data consumed in a network will be almost 60 GB per personal computer per month and we are not surprised that companies that have their internal ITs are reaching a point where the vastness and complexity of networks exceeds their ability to manage and protect them effectively.  

RE-EDIT has a consolidated experience in Networking and the best certified resources in the national IT panorama. It has a portfolio of products and services dedicated to this constantly evolving world with the aim of providing a resolutive service oriented towards scalability and high performance. Discover all our services!  

Our services

Network Operation Control

RE-EDIT also boasts strong expertise in the NOC area, in particular in monitoring communication layers. Certified on the technologies of the main vendors, the consultants guarantee constant monitoring of the interconnections of the Data Center, protecting it from possible attacks or simply detecting an anomaly with respect to the normal performance of the service. The NOC is a service normally organized on H24 shifts and is always coordinated by a Technical Manager who follows the relationships with the customer and guarantees the achievement of the objectives.

Network Design

Thanks to a strong competence gained in the field of complex network architecture design, RE-EDIT is able to design networks of any type and size. RE-EDIT makes use of the best partners on the market for the definition of the components and has made technical agreements for the most important vendors in order to provide diversified, complete and above all cutting-edge solutions to satisfy every customer request. RE-EDIT boasts decades of experience in network design and RE-DESIGN, also implementing upgrade solutions for existing networks.


RE-EDIT consultants, as in all IT areas, are prepared to face every challenge and every type of request. They also have twenty years of experience and are certified on the latest technologies on the market. Network Specialists are professionals capable of designing, creating, and maintaining any network. In addition, RE-EDIT is a company that pushes its resources to share information with customers, as we believe that the preparation of the human factor is essential for the proper functioning of any technology.


Proper security management is based on adequate knowledge of the protection level of your systems. For this RE-EDIT evaluates in depth the security of the network, pushing the customer towards an awareness of the situation regarding the level of protection of its network and the impending risks that can be incurred. RE-EDIT collaborates with the best vendors on security and offers solutions and services to manage any criticality or prevent any event, ensuring redundancy, continuity and qualitatively higher levels of protection.

Maintenance & Management

Any network can be administered and maintained by RE-EDIT Network Specialists. We are able to manage any size and complexity, brand and layer. Over the years we have managed networks of all types, from the administration of entire data centers to individual workstations with one purpose: to make it work well! and we did it. Discover our services dedicated to network maintenance and management, we will be happy to offer you all our know-how to make your network work to the best of its ability.

Network Hardening

To harden your network means to protect it by making it safe and compliance with quality standards. We consider the concept of Hardening to be very important in that a properly hardenised network prevents the risk of system faults and failures, as well as improving safety. Through in-depth assessments on networks, RE-EDIT consultants provide the customer with a complete assessment of the existing architecture and remediation plans to manage the critical issues encountered during the analysis phase, to help the customer to have a fast, stable and secure network. Request a quote!