Perimeter security, management and access control to applications are now fundamental factors for every organization, even more today that the risk of possible attacks increases exponentially. A cyber attack can be a disastrous event for your business.

RE-EDIT offers a portfolio of solutions to help you protect your business from cyber threats. Products and solutions designed and delivered ad-hoc, to guarantee the security of every infrastructure, network and / or software. Analyzes, checks and solves every possible problem and guarantees the highest levels of safety standards on the market.

Solutions for your business

Vulnerability Assessment

Proper security management is based on adequate knowledge of the protection level of your systems. RE-EDIT with a vertical approach to security, offers the customer a vulnerability assessment (VA) in order to provide a photograph of the exposure status of its IT infrastructure to know its actual configuration and possible vulnerabilities. The VA activities can be Infrastructure and Application and in each phase RE-EDIT uses the best tools and the best resources to provide comprehensive answers on the security status of the monitored infrastructure requested.

Penetration test

We use every system known for our penetration tests (PT) and every means, obviously legitimate, to evaluate the effectiveness of the security of our customers' IT systems. The process involves active and passive analysis of the systems to identify any weaknesses, technical defects and vulnerabilities in general. The systems being tested can be attacked internally, externally, with targeted or blind tests, in any case, at the end a report will be created of the attacks carried out and of the security holes detected in order to create a remediation plan and re-engineer the safety levels for compliance required or chosen by the customer.


Our experience has shown that most of the security flaws on systems are due to the lack of system updates. Customers often tend to underestimate the importance of aligning versions, security fixes and regulations in this regard. RE-EDIT prevents by offering customers targeted Hardening plans for every need. Control and maintenance of operating systems and software products, both automatically through the use of specific tools, and manually in the event of the impossibility of working with agents and probes on the networks of its customers. Prevention is better than cure.

System Security Design

We study and implement security systems for any level and technology on the market. We are able to evaluate the customer's needs and propose reliable and economically contained solutions to the actual needs.We integrate the best technologies offered by our partners and provide a 360 ° service in order to obtain the best results with minimum efforts.


Identity and Access Management is a service for managing users and their authorizations. In addition to allowing you to establish a logical perimeter, the IAM ensures efficient protection of resources and data. RE-EDIT boasts over ten years of experience in the most famous Identity and Access Management technologies and is able to offer value-added services on any level.

Security Specialist Services

RE-EDIT offers specialized consultancy targeted by platform and technology to its customers by making available its resources and people. RE-EDIT Security Specialists are trained on every technology and provide not only the ability to solve the problem, but also the possibility to train the client's resources in order to avoid future security problems.