RE-EDIT is a company that designs, builds and manages ICT infrastructures.
RE-EDIT provides services in the private and public sectors and it works with the best professionals and partners to help the customer to achieve results fast and qualitative better.

Our vision

The RE-EDIT vision has always been to position itself on the market as a Technology Partner, supporting the customer in this post-digital era in order to identify and provide solutions that generate: solidity, scalability, value and satisfaction.
We continually develop and change our offer portfolio to guarantee customers more choice and flexibility.


We work with customers to guide them towards innovation.
Our professionals have the task of showing what the current possibilities and future needs are, defining the path of change to turn all possibilities into reality.
For us, innovation is synonymous of change.

Why choose RE-EDIT

Professionalism Re-Edit

Competence and Professionalism

Real and consolidated experience, gained with over 20 years of technical and commercial experience in ICT. Qualified and certified technical staff. Very high quality levels in services and consultancy. Re-Edit is always present, before and after the sale.

Quality - Satisfaction Re-Edit

Efficiency and Transparency

Responsibility and transparency with customers and employees. Business relationships always in line with expectations and needs. Flexibility and speed in responding to customer needs.
Nothing is left to chance even the most insignificant detail.

Choice Re-Edit

Choice and Availability

We choose very carefully our technological partners and our employees in order to provide multiple solutions during the offer so as to ensure the customer the possibility of evaluating every possible alternative also proposing backup solutions.

ISO-9001-2015 Re-Edit

ISO Certified Services

In order to provide a service aimed at excellence, RE-EDIT has certified its professional Time & Material services and the outsourcing services of first and second level remotely for the systematic management of IT infrastructures ISO 9001: 2015

"Customer as a partner"

Building a partnership with a customer means much more than "putting the customer first" or finding mutually satisfactory solutions to shared problems or aiming for excellence in every meeting whether it is about sales or assistance. Building a partnership requires the commitment to establish long-term relationships that create synergies of knowledge, security and adaptability for both sides.
Michela Di Marco
Founder & CSO

"People make the difference"

People are the source of our technological expertise, so we invest in their growth and in their training. We believe in the values of professionalism and fairness and we adopt a model oriented towards the development of an inclusive reality. We are far from any kind of prejudice and we are convinced that diversity is the central fulcrum for developing new ideas and proposing new points of view. We believe that confrontation is the real engine of change.
Simone Zoroddu
Founder & CTO